Jul. 7th, 2011

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And here we are with just over 24 hours before we leave for Europe. Chris is off of work. I have a four hour shift (which may be a little longer than planned because I have some plumbing to do down there) left. Becca is off school, though she’s desperately trying to finish a video project with some of her friends before she leaves. And her foot seems to be mostly healed.

Laundry is mostly done. Chris is going to run to the store and grab a few last-minute things. We have a cheesy Viking movie from Netflix that ought to be awful to watch tonight as we pack.

The car to airport picks us up tomorrow (Friday) at 9:45 am. The plane leaves at 1:40 pm. It is a 10 hour direct flight to Amsterdam.

I’m still very excited, but some of the worrying has started to crop up. Will everyone have fun doing that things I’ve planned? Will I push us too hard? Are the expectations I have for the trip realistic? Will we get grumpy at each other while trying to settle out our jetlag?

But I’m doing my best to keep busy (by blogging, among other things) and not dwell on those kinds of thoughts. There are, however, a few things that I need to remember:
Don’t get so caught up in my own excitement that I fail to see and recognize the needs of the others.
Stay flexible and don’t get locked into itineraries or ideal situations.
Don’t overthink things. It’s related to the point above, but in more of an ‘efficiency has its place, but not on vacation’ sort of way.
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Friday, July 8th
9:45 am Car picks us up from home and takes us to airport.
1:40 pm. Plane leaves on 10 hour direct flight to Amsterdam.

Saturday, July 9th.
8:30 am Arrive Amsterdam. Get through customs and pick up a rental car.
day Drive to Leuven, Belgium. Depending on our mood and level of awakedness, this could be a long drive south past Namur to the Chateau de Veves ( www.chateau-de-veves.be ) or it could be a direct shot. Either way, we’ll probably have lunch in den Bosch ( http://wikitravel.org/en/Den_Bosch ). We’ll end up that night in Leuven, Belgium staying at The Lodge Heverlee ( http://www.lodge-hotels.be/lodge/engfotosheverlee.html ). There will be sightseeing in Leuven as well as the eating of frites.

Sunday, July 10th
7:00 am Up early to drive north to Rotterdam. It’s a two hour drive and we only have a 24 hour reservation on the car, so we have to be back there by the same time we picked the car up, probably between 10-11. Drop luggage and people off at the cruise ship terminal and then I run back to return the car and taxi back to the ship. Get onboard and relax.
5:00 pm The ms Ryndam departs Rotterdam.

Monday, July 11th
At sea.

Tuesday, July 12th
All day in Oslo, Norway.

Wednesday, July 13th
All day in Kristiansand, Norway.

Thursday, July 14th
All day in Bergen, Norway.

Friday, July 15th
At sea.

Saturday, July 16th
Afternoon in Tromso, Norway.

Sunday, July 17th
All day in Honningsvag, Norway.

Monday, July 18th
All day in Hammerfest, Norway.

Tuesday, July 19th
At sea.

Wednesday, July 20th
All day in Alesund, Norway.

Thursday, July 21st
All day in Flam, Norway.

Friday, July 22nd
All day in Stavanger, Norway.

Saturday, July 23rd
At sea.

Sunday, July 24th
7:30 am Cruise ship arrives in Dover, England. We get on a tour bus that takes us from there to London, does a drive-by on the important sights in London, and drops us off at Heathrow, sometime around 1:00 or 2:00.
3:00 pm Arrive at our hotel near the airport
4:00 pm Take Express train into London. Travel to Whitechapel for dinner and Jack the Ripper walking tour. Return to hotel.

Monday, July 25th
9:15 am Flight leaves Heathrow for Detroit.
12:45 pm Start of 7 1/2 hour layover in Detroit. Ugh!
8:05 pm Flight leaves Detroit.
10:05 pm Flight arrives Seattle. Home by Midnight.


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