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We put up the tree yesterday and decorated the house.

Here's the tree in the corner:

Here's Sven all decked out for Jōl:

And here's a wider shot of that whole corner of the room:

That last shot really shows off just how geeky we are. If you look closely you can see:
Christine's Horror novel collection
Her Barbie collection
The Xbox 360
The Deluxe Spartan head (from Halo 3)
The Deluxe Spartan head (from 300)
An animation cel from the television show Gargoyles
A plush Cthulhu stocking
and, of course, one of my everpresent GO2sodas
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I've spent most of the day writing and have the makings of a pretty big headache. On the upside, I just finished writing the section on Damage and Healing. And earlier in the week I finished combat. All that's left of the rules now is Religion, Experience and Crafting.

Crafting and Experience are mostly written already, so maybe I could do all those next week? That would be great because then I could use the week after to write the large examples I still need to write. Then squeeze in some editing and I could be done by Thanksgiving? That's the goal anyway. We'll see how it works.

OryCon is one of the weekends in there and while it will eat up some time I'm sure it will invigorate me.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
62,006 / 75,000

In other Ellis news the Pallazo game is going very well. We had a few sessions were only one player showed up (so [livejournal.com profile] chromiuml and I played Agricola instead) but we've gotten some good gaming in the last few weeks. Last week in particular, they managed to start seeing the political machinations that I've been building (albeit slowly) up to. The looks on their faces when they realized that all of those little clues actually added up to something were priceless.

Now we start to hit the part of the game that I think is best. Now that they understand the setting and the people, they can start plotting their own courses through it. Since they understand the politics (at least some of them) they can affect them in an active and purposeful manner. It means I really have to start thinking on my feet as they start meddling.


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