Jul. 18th, 2011

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Saturday in Tromso

Saturday was a fairly low-key day.  The ship pulled into the harbor while we were eating, which is always nice.  Have the scenery out of the large picture windows change as you eat your meal is very nice. 

Deep, wide, round-bottomed glacial valleys.  Layered sheets of grey-black bedrock jutting out of the sea.  Low-lying rocky clumps of land barley able to rise above the waves, covered with hardy grass and the occasional shrub.

There weren’t a whole lot of sight to see there, but we wanted to see the little town anyway.  Upon disembarking we just missed one of the shuttle busses transporting people into the center of town.  We were told that it was a pleasant 30 minute walk to the town center, or we could wait 30 minutes for the next bus.  Becca was impatient and the day was nice, so we decided to be adventurous and give the walk a try.

. . . . So it turns out that the ship did not dock where is usually does in Tromso, so instead of it being a “pleasant 30 minute walk” it turned out to be a long, foot blistering, 70 minute walk.  Not particularly scenic, but not grubby either.

By the time we got to center of town we were beat, and it was hard to really enjoy what Tromso had to offer.  But there were some neat things.  A big church square with a bunch of tents selling things flea-market-style.  We bought a few touristy things (a cute nesting doll for my mother, some post cards, etc.) and looked at a bunch of other stuff.

We took a cab back tot he ship and all pretty much collapsed in our cabin.  We slept quite a while and skipped the spa that day, concentrating instead on the ongoing Settlers of Catan tournament.  We did take advantage of Happy Hour, which is buy a drink and get a second one for a dollar, but the fine print is that you have to get two of the exact same drink.  And so, since I ordered a drink for me and a drink for Chris, we got four drinks.  Plus, Dr. Love remembered me from the mixology class, and showed me the love....  Needless to say, I’m losing the Settlers tournament.

We ate dinner in the dining room, and I had both venison and strip steak.  They’ve actually served the strip steak for the last three nights, and it has been so delicious, so delicate, so juicy . . . I can’t get enough of it.  I’d never really had venison before, and it didn’t impress me.  I don’t think I could have told the difference between it and beef if I’d been blindfolded.  Not that it was bad or anything, as you can tell, I love me the beef, but then, my taste buds are also sometimes called into question . . .

Then it was early to bed for us tired old folks.


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