Jul. 8th, 2011

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Here we are, all set and ready to go.  Bags are packed.  House is clean.  Cats played with.  Chris just made us a delicious breakfast.  Our car will be here in about 3 hours and then we’re off the airport.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day.  I crammed in a full day’s worth of work into four hours.  My belt broke and I had to run by the store and get a new one.  Chris had an emotional crisis, partly about our ongoing problems, partly about worries related to the trip.  We talked for four or five hours that was good, but emotionally draining.  My attempts at comforting were weak and at times I may have made things worse.  But we got through it and I’m pretty sure she’s doing a little better.

Becca was out with some friends during the time, which was convenient.  She’s been working on a project making a music video, and for the last week has been getting lots of experience herding cats -- I mean her friends.  But she finished and then wanted to hang out late with her friends, her mean old parents made her come home.  We watched some TV and went to bed early.

None of slept well.  Becca hasn’t slept at all.  Chris and I got four or five hours.  We were up at 2:30 am and have been puttering around trying to keep busy and stay awake, but not really having anything to do.  We watched our recorded episodes of Expedition Impossible.  Becca’s been watching episode after episode of Buffy.  I’ve been backing up computers and defraging and the like.

My netbook’s battery wasn’t working, so I ordered a new one that arrived last night.  I charged it last night and it’s looking pretty sweet.  It a triple capacity battery, and looks like it will power the computer for about 9 hours.  That’ll come in handy!  Plus, after I ordered the new battery, I fixed the old one.  I feel stupid for that mistake, but it does give me a lot of battery life.
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So we’re here sitting at our gate ready to board.  Becca has her laptop open playing City of Heroes, and Chris just volunteered to help her with a mission.

I just got an e-mail from work, which is funny not annoying, and I’m hoping to be able to buy a collection of Avalon Hill games even while I’m on vacation.  The wheeling and dealing never ceases!

There was no traffic on the drive to the airport and all of the lines here have been fairly short.  I got pulled out the security line for extra examination and they have those dance-step foot decals on the ground to mark where they want you to stand.  I’d removed my shoes to go through the x-ray machine, so it was when I looked down to stand in the right spot that I noticed my sock had a huge hole in the toe.  Embarrassing, but it gave me something to joke about with the security guards.


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