Jun. 26th, 2011

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I spent Saturday taking it easy and goofing off.

Becca tripped on her second-to-last day of school (last Thursday) and messed up her left foot. After 2 1/2 hours at urgent care the verdict came back that it’s not broken, but it’s swollen and purple. It seems to be healing up pretty fast but she talked us into getting her an end-of-school/stuck-on-the-couch-unable-to-walk present, so I ran out and got her a copy of Sims 3: Generations and she’s spent the last 24 obsessing over that.

Over the past few weeks, I have been getting pulled back into City of Heroes and spent much of Saturday playing that. I had planned to work on Ellis in the afternoon, but the siren call of CoH kept me from it.

I made Juicy Lucies for dinner ... What? What’s a Juicy Lucy? We heard about them watching Man vs. Food. It’s two hamburger patties with a huge pile of cheese between them. You mold the patties together so that they complete encase the cheese -- that way none of it escapes and with that first bite the cheese just explodes into your mouth. They are a little tricky to make, but delicious!

We watched the new Mark Burnett reality show, Expedition Impossible. It was fun and I’ve set the DVR to record the rest of the episodes, but I could not help thinking throughout the show that they tried to copy Amazing Race as closely as they could without breaking any laws. Very similar format, even the host has the same voice quality of Phil Keoghan (though not as comfortable in his role).

It was time for bed after that, but Becca talked me into playing Rock Band with her (and watching Cats 101, though not at the same time). She regretted that though, when the keytuiar started acting up and I switched to the microphone. The last straw for her was when she chose Lady Gaga’s Poker Face for me to sing. Luckily, only one person beside me heard that, and she is too scarred to speak of it.

In other words, a good, relaxing day.


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